Sunday, September 6, 2015

colored contact lenses at walmart

colored contact lenses at walmart You can check color contact lenses safe or not? How, lightly mist the tip of a cotton swab with water, then rub gently on your contact lens without damaging the lens texture, if the color is attached to a cotton bud, then the pigment is in the outer and inner layers. If the cotton bud is colorless, the color pigments are in between two layers of lenses.

Using colored contact lenses can indeed make you look so much more special and different. Moreover, today more and more choice of color on contact lenses. However, not all colored contact lenses are safe for the eyes. Because many products are put pigment on the surface (front and rear) contact lenses, which can cause a risk of eye irritation.

"Pigment on the front or back of the contact lens may cause irritation due to allergies, abrasions (cuts or abrasions), or infection of the cornea due to gesekanlangsung with color pigments," said dr. Yulia Aziza, Sp.M, of the Association of Ophthalmologists Indonesia, at a seminar in Jakarta some time ago.

Not only cause allergic reactions and irritation, pigmenwarna on the front or rear contact lenses increase the amount of bacteria and dirt on the lens. Dirt and bacteria can be attached to the eyelid and causes deposition on the inside of the eyelids. Sediment that will cause itching annoying.

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